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2012-06-30 01:52:44 by konsa454

I feel like moving to a new account, lol. See you at my new account, I'll make a new post later on when I make it.

Bye you nig-nogs.

The horriable,


2011-10-15 00:54:38 by konsa454

Alright, so. Im a unfortnatully 11 now, and I was a complete noob when I joined newgrounds. I joined newgrounds when I was 9. I know, under age limit. I am trying to make a new account starting today. But trust me, it takes some time to think of a new user name and all of that crap. I will try to manage to delete this account, any type of way I could do that? Please commet down below to help me cause im still a noob :/

really awesome good news!

2010-11-16 23:12:11 by konsa454

i'm going to make my first gamer ever!

you can select soinc or mario chareters or make your own chareter

( and i really mean all sonic and mario chareters)

p.s tails doll will be in here too

Good news!

2010-11-13 14:46:05 by konsa454

Im going to make a movie or song sometime soon! please commet down below and say "movie' or "song"


2010-08-21 21:52:00 by konsa454

heeeeheeehaaaaaaaa! omg i waz sleeping and i had the most weairest dream ever!ok it was..

Mario: "toad i ate all the food again go buy somemore!"

Toad: " ahhh mario you freaking pasta freak! im sick and tired of spending all my gold coins on stupid food!

mario: " To bad toad i snack every five mins, so get your butt out there and buy some more!

Toad: -tackles mario- " how about you go buy some! cuz your a freaking lazy butt and you play DDR and watch tv all freaking time!

mario: " ... ok ok! fine i dont know to drive a car yet and your the only one who knows how so drop me off at the food store!

Toad: fine! oh and do i have to pertect toadette again?

mario: yes you do, you all ways have too! shes your little sis!

Toad: " *sigh*

toad drives mario to the food store.

Toad: here is 50 bucks,and call me and will pick you up!

mario: thanks toad your the best! sometimes...

toad drives home

toadette: toad wheres peach?

toad: oh crap! BOWSERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

toad runs to bowers castle

Bowser: "mwhahahahaaaaa! those idots will never save her!

toad takes out a bazoka and shoots off bowsers head off


Toad: " hehehe...

toad frees peach and peach kisses toad and toad faints toad wakes up

Toad: "hello? oh hey mario! you done shooping for food?

mario: " yep :)

Toad takes peach and drives to the store and picks up mario.

Toad: holy crap mario! how many pizza pie do you need!?

mario: "a thousand.

Toad: O_o

toad drives to the musroom kigdom

Toad: im going to bed, night!

mario peach and toadette: "NO!

Toad:" freak why?

All:cuz :3


2010-08-09 18:31:50 by konsa454

zarla so created my new life her two awesome videos made me more happier!it made me want me want to a video of Mario on a dance a contest ist toad vs Bowser on DDR (dance dance revolution) maybe ill make it some day!